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_OBJECTIVE  To Create an evolutionary design through new application graphics for Sailor Jerry’s Rum as well as a revolutionary design but repositioning it as a premium / upscale image. This bottle will also come with a unique box and/or shipping container.

_CONCEPT  Sailor Jerry spent half of his life as a sailor and the other half tattooing sailors. My evolutionary design updated the existing labels and incorporated more hierarchy and readability while still keeping to the price point by incorporated a spot color, gold foils, a custom seal, and unique rope border, and most importantly, keeping his iconic Hula Girl tattoo. My revolutionary design has a ‘Ship in a bottle’ concept to represent Sailor Jerry’s sailing years. I chose a modern, upscale, and sophisticated bottle and design for a more premium price point. For the design i kept the anchor seal, and rope structures. For the gift box I chose a dark stain to make the design pop. When opened, the bottle is framed and sitting forward in the box which is bottom lit by a light so that the ship behind the bottle shows through as if it were a ‘ship in a bottle’.

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