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_OBJECTIVE  To create a new packaging system for a Wine beverage line based on a book or story. 

_CONCEPT  All wine bottles are hand dipped in food grade wax, wrapped in newsprint featuring the four themed stories and sealed with a label that represent the 1800 time period in which E.A. Poe lived. The themes, stories and wine types i chose were as followed:

Murder- The Tell-Tale Heart (1850) A Murders Guilt // Cabernet Sauvignon: Full-bodied, but firm and gripping when young. With age, rich currant qualities change to that of pencil box. Bell pepper notes remain.

Revenge- The Cask of Amontillado (1846) A Story of Revenge // Zinfandel: Often a zesty flavor with berry and pepper.

Insanity- The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether (1856) Inside an Insane Asylum // Syrah: Aromas and flavours of wild black-fruit, with overtones of black pepper spice and roasting meat. The abundance of fruit filled sensations is often complemented by warm alcohol and an insanely gripping tannins.

Guilt/Agony- The Raven (1845) Agonized Protagonist’s Memories of a Deceased Woman // Pinot Noir: The structure is delicate and fresh. The aromatics are very fruity often with notes of tea-leaf, damp earth, or worn leather, yet very transparent to the place where it is grown.

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