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_OBJECTIVE  To create a upscale modern design for a family of firepit dispersion material to be sold in Lowes stores nationwide.

_CONCEPT  LavaGlass™ fire glass provides a modern look for gas fireplaces and firepits. Beyond being capitvating to look at, glass radiates beautiful light and more heat then any wood or ceramic fireplace system. LavaGlass™ is specially formulated so it will tolerate extreme temperatures, without melting or discoloring to give your firepit the same brilliant colors and look as the day you purchased it. Each of our fire glass colors goes through a empering, tumbling and polishing process to ensure its safety and longevity for your fireplace or firepit. This process prevents your fire glass from peeling, popping, cracking, melting and emits no smoke or ash. With LavaGlass™ 3 sizes and 6 color options, you have the ability to create the fireplace you dreamed of. Whether you want to aim for an elegant look, or a color scheme that will blend well with your pool, LavaGlass™ fire glass has a wide range of colors to use in your design.

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